Thursday, September 16, 2010


Phaha, starting blog entries with Z is way too easy. I'm a pro (like Athene)
So I have this cat, and her name is Zelda. I really like her, she's a pretty amazing cat. You may have seen her in my boyfriends blog, she was being a Tablecat.
This is her.
She's a baby here.
When we got her, she was pretty small. Now she's fat and lazy. All she does all day is sleep, eat, sleep, sleep some more, snuggle with me, and eat. Its pretty adorable actually. She likes sleeping on my table.
We're pretty good friends though, she sleeps on my pillow at night and hogs my whole bed, which is pretty impressive for a cat. She rubs my face with her head and licks my cheek, which feels weird because she has a rough tongue.
Head rubbing example.

That's us, we're in love. Sometimes, just sometimes, she cheats on me with my boyfriend. I allow it, she's too cute to get mad at. So is he, though he's gonna hate me for posting this picture.
sleepy alex <3

I wonder where Zelda is right now..


  1. First!

    Look at her eyes in that picture. It's like looking into her soul. Such expression. So beautiful.

    Also, more of the girl in pink.

  2. dont sleep whit a cat :)))
    BEAT YOU:))

  3. fascinating, the surgeon is inspired.

  4. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog :)