Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apollo and Daphne

Ok, so on my old blog, I used to post stories that involved metamorphoses, which is why my blog is called 'It's a metamorphoses'. The stories that I'm using are ones written by Ovid, who was a Roman poet. The first story I posted in my old blog was about the god Apollo and the woman he loved, Daphne. Also, Ovid didn't write this story, it has Greek origins, but he retold it in his book Metamorphoses.

Apollo, who was the god of Sun and Music, was cursed by Cupid to love a mortal named Daphne, after he insulted him. Cupid also caused Daphne to hate Apollo, as to ensure that she would never love him back. When Apollo approached, she ran from him, praying to her father to save her. Instead of stealing her away to keep her safe from Apollo, he changed her into a laurel tree. Apollo, still in love with her as a tree, promised to keep her as his tree, if not his wife. His lyre will always be made from the laurel tree, and his head will be crowned with laurel leaves.

Oh noes, you're a tree nao.