Saturday, September 18, 2010

Future Pet.

I couldn't think of what I wanted to write about today, so I just thought I'd show a picture of the dog I want to get when I have my own place. For one, I'd like it to have eyes like this.. I love when they have multicolored eyes, when I was younger I saw the cutest husky in a pet shop, with one blue and one green eye, and I just had to have it. Sadly it was 2k, and I was 11.
woof woof
From being younger than I remember, I've always been obsessed with wolves, I just love everything about them, and that's why I want to get a dog that looks as close to them as possible, huskies! But I know that they take a lot of work to look after, and that they don't like being alone, so if I got one, I'd have to get two. Or.. I could just get a whole pack of wolves! :D
If I ever get a pet husky or even a Siberian husky/wolf mix if I'm really lucky, and rich, I'll for sure do a lot of research before hand and make sure I know everything there is to know about raising them.
So cute :)
Sadly I don't even have a dog right now, but I do have a cute little kitty that is sleeping on my bed. I wish I had a puppy.


  1. That dog in the first picture is epic!

  2. I have a Siberian husky and she's beautiful. When I read your post, It totally reminded me of me. I have been obssed with huskies and Wolves for as long as I can remember. And I was lucky enough to get the dog of my dreams. They can be high maintence, But they are just a wonderful breed. Make sure you do your homework, But If you feel you can take on a husky, by all means, get one. They are amazing dogs and you wont be dissapointed :D

  3. I have 2 and wouldn't trade my 2 huskies for anything in the world. That being said, I had to cancel my gym membership as running with them and giving them all the physical activity they require, keeps me extremely fit :). 2 3-mile walks a day AND a 1-mile run each day... and doesn't seem to be enough for them. The WILL require a lot of physical activity and room in your house. If they get even slightly bored, they will tear the house down, or worse yet, they WILL find a way to escape your house and end up lost (by the time they want to go back home, they run so fast that they lost their track back home) or under the wheels of a vehicle. One of them is a 1/4 wolf hybrid and unfortunately inherited the wolf-side genes pack wise. It is heartbreaking to leave him when I have to do something as his separation anxiety sometimes goes out of control. For wolves, it's not about being alone, but also being separated from the pack leader (which is what they consider me) or any member of the pack (anybody in my family). I can't say this enough. Huskies are not pets. They have been breed for work, so the physical activity part is intense, so I hope you are an active person (or they will turn you into an active person :) ). These 2 guys are rescues. Many times people only see the "cute" part in them when they are puppies, but they are not even remotely prepared for when they grow up. I really give you kudos for your efforts in researching more about them. Remember another thing. Every time you go anywhere outside the house, you cannot leave them off-leash. They cannot be trusted as they WILL run away.

    Once you're OK with your research and understand what you're getting into and go ahead with your decision to get one, you will not find a more lovable breed. They have their own personality, which is what I love. I can't give them orders, but rather suggestions :)

    Also consider adopting. 50-60% of the huskies purchased in urban areas, end up in rescues or given away. Do not buy.

    Hope you find my comments helpful (albeit late...)
    Kindest regards